Ecology with dividends: Paulownia Security Token Offering for Consciencious Investors.

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Paulownia Token™

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Paulownia Token™  offers the opportunity to invest in sustainable wood production. The program is based on the paulownia tree, Welcome to the first financing system that combines real agroforestry products with smart contracts with investment tokens to create wealth for all.

Paulownia Token™ is a cryptographic investment token or security token backed by the production of Paulownia semi-precious wood, governed by smart contracts built on  blockchain offering the opportunity to invest in sustainable lumber and industrial production

ANET pre-announces ecology with dividends!
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Security Token Offering STO is an offer of investment tokens to collect funds legally from qualified investors.

Security Token is an investment token that derives its value from a tradable external asset, it is classified by the tax authorities as a security.

Due to the regulated nature of the security token offering, security tokens act as a gateway for traditional blockchain capital.

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Respect the environment:
Sustainable forestry offers a unique opportunity to do something healthy for the planet while generating a healthy capital gain. Stable long-term investment: With long periods of growth and minimal fluctuations in supply and demand, forestry offers stable long-term yield expectations.

Low entry levels:
forest investments require little capital (compared to real estate) and being in a stable market without leverage offers more reliable, less volatile yields. Value increases with maturity: As trees grow, their volume of marketable wood increases at a growing rate, as does the value of the wood.

Create a positive social and environmental impact while generating a financial return.

URGENT: Research RIDE developer to deploy smart contracts at different phases of the offer of the investment token.
Contact Christophe at +33 (0) 6 656 418 38.
Thank you.

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