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Solid Rain® contributes to the solution of 

• The problem of Overpopulation 

The population of the world increases and get concentrated in the cities generating with it problems of diverse nature, among others the one of the feeding, the water and in general all those that will do that the demand of natural resources and energy increases considerably. By the year 2050, population will surpass the 9.000 million people. The greater growth will take place in Africa and India. Africa has tripled its population from 1960 and in 2050 Africa will triple Europe population- During the same period, Asia and South America doubled their population.

• The problem of Feeding

The World needs foods, and it needs it now. 20% of the population is undernourished, which means : Daily 800 million people do not have enough to eat. Among them, children are most armed since 200 million of them have a weight below the required. But the World also needs meal, if we consider the increase of population, as we have seen. The fact is that the planet has a soil already in production deficit. In 2008, world consumption was fed of existing stocks. This increment added to the consumption for biodiesel does that the demand grows and prices rises.

• The problem of Soil

The quality and amount of the ground available is degraded progressively putting in risk the amount of surface necessary to cultivate the cereals that the humanity needs to feed itself. According to the FAO : they are lost near 24 million tons of substrate per year in the world. If we consider that the formation of 2,5 cmts of natural substrate takes 500 years to form, the care of the ground is essential. A third part of the territories of culture on the planet were remised because erosion has made them unproductive in the last 40 years. In addition, every year 20 million hectares are degraded to the point of being useless for the culture or are lost by the expansion of urban spots. The degradation of the ground, among other reasons takes to the desertification that aggravates the problem. In the world 6 millions hectare turn into desert per year. Certain degree of desertification has been detected in 30% of irrigated land, in 47% of agricultural soil with pluvial irrigation and in 73% of territories of pasturing.

The problem of Water

All previous needs need the essential : water Although most of the world is water, only 2,7% is fresh water which only 1/4 is accessible. The situation is such that today, 1.000 millions of person do not have access to drinking water. The needs for the following decades will augment with increase of the population and growth and development of countries. By the year 2025, the water availability for person will diminish in 33%. Entire areas of the world will have water scarcity for its basics needs and for its economic development

● Solid Rain® is a biodegradable super-absorbent polymer that absorbs up to 300 times its weight water and slowly releases that water in the root zone for demand by plants. Used successfully by many producers to face the problems of water scarcity, applied in agriculture, forestry, floriculture, horticulture and new scenarios of hydroponics. 

● Solid Rain® also absorbs water soluble nutrients and fertilizers, preventing their percolation into the water table. Solid Rain®  significantly reduces watering cycles to conserve water for growers. It is effectively applied to prevent plant loss caused by water stress and drought in soil where the water holding capacity is low or nonexistent. It even works in sand! Silos de Agua is able to hydrate and re-hydrate many times over its lifetime, providing on-going benefit to the plants. 

● Solid Rain® also helps build better soil. As water is drawn from Solid Rain®  particles by plants, the particles reduce in size, allowing oxygen to occupy the void space and creating a better soil environment, while stimulating more vigorous root development. Silos de Agua also absorbs and holds valuable fertilizers and nutrients, keeping them at the root level and allowing less of them to end up in the water table.

● Solid Rain® is sensitive to the actions of ultraviolet and bacterial biodegradation. So it naturally degrade in the soil in CO2, H2O and nitrogen compounds. Thus, they are not only non-toxic but also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


• Reduce water use 
• Reduce soil erosion 
• Reduce pollution of aquifers 
• Increases plant growth 
• Improved bulk density 
• Improves the cation exchange capacity 
• Reduce water stress


• Agriculture and horticulture
• Landscaping, lawn and artificial turf
• Arboriculture, Reforestation
• Soil & fertilizer mixture
• Commercial and residential
• Forest fires
• Iced Solid Rain®

Agriculture and horticulture
The results of Solid Rain® in agriculture may have an intense effect to our economy. Helping professional agriculturist in two ways : Water saving and increasing Productivity. In irrigation cultivation, the product saves between 50 to 90% of water and related energy costs.
The results obtained in some crop have shown an increase of the productivity from 50% to over 200 %.
In dry Land, it can eliminate the irrigation and dependency on rain. Solid Rain® can be applied already hydrated , plant and seed begins to develop from the first moment. On having hydrated up to 12 months, Solid Rain® is distributing his water power over the course of time.

Landscaping, lawn and artificial turf
Solid Rain® is helpful to the growth of lawn and grass, especially in their germination, fast root development, and regular cycle growth. The stored water from raining or irrigation can be easily released for plants, thereby as a function of the absorption-release cycle. They are widely used in grass for parks and gardens and in lawn for golf landscaping. A Club golf course, using 1.750.000 litres of water daily, have calculated that in 2 - 3 months they will have saved enough to cover the costs of Solid Rain®

Arboriculture, Reforestation and Tree Transplantation
Solid Rain® can be effectively applied in holes for plants, bushes and trees. They helpfully reduce the mortality rate due to transplanting shock and enhance root development and therefore bring more rapid growth and production

Soil & fertilizer mixture
Mixed into a substrate, Solid Rain® provides a reduction in water stress. It ensures that cuttings and trans-plants take root better and that seedlings grow faster. Irrigation frequencies are commonly reduced by more than 50%, which likewise reduces labor costs and the amount of water.
Blended with compound fertilizers, Solid Rain® is able to absorb and maintain nutrients and then release them gradually, resulting in reducing leaching of nutrients in the soil and increasing yield while at the same time protecting the environment from leaching.
With a traditional system that takes 80 liters of water per week. With the use of Solid Rain®, it takes 50 liters every 3 months.

Companies with a lot of green space can begin thinking of how they can use all the money they will be saving when they can cut down their water cycles to twice a month.

It is now easier for us to come home to a beautiful lawn without the constant chore of watering it or buying more and more fertilizer.

Forest fires
Solid Rain® provide sufficient moisture in soil to “control” fire. It can surround the fire with a stream tops, this is a solid strip of water that limits the progress of the flames.

Iced Solid Rain®
as a freezing agent, you just have to hydrate it and put it on the freezing machine for 2/3 hours.
The benefits are:
● Longer time frozen than with normal ice.
● It does not generate water during unfreezing.
● It does not absorb odors, colors nor substances different from water.
● 100% washable; 100% re-usable.
● It saves 99% water

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