Ecology with dividends: Paulownia Security Token Offering for Consciencious Investors.

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Application areas


• Agriculture and horticulture 
• Landscaping
• Lawn and Artificial Turf (Golf - Football)
• Arboriculture, Reforestation  
• Mix with soil, fertilizers, fertilizer   
• Commercial and residential   
• Forest fires

• Solid Rain® Ice

● Agriculture and horticulture
The results of Solid Rain® in agriculture can have an intense effect on our economy. Helping the professional farmer in two ways: save water and increase productivity. In irrigated farming, the product saves between 50 and 90% of the water and associated energy costs. The results obtained in some cultures showed an increase in productivity from 50% to more than 200%. 
In dry land, it greatly reduces irrigation and dependence on rain. Solid Rain® can be applied already hydrated, plants and seeds begin to grow from the first moment. After being hydrated, Solid Rain® distributes its hydraulic energy over time

● Landscaping, lawn
Solid Rain® is useful for lawn and grass growth, especially for germination, rapid root development and regular cycle growth. The rain water or watering absorbed and stored can be easily returned to the plants. Widely used in green areas and lawns gardens as well as for landscaping, football fields, golf. A club golf course, using 1,750,000 liters of water a day, has calculated that in 2 to 3 months they will have saved enough to cover the costs of Solid Rain®

● Arboriculture, reforestation, tree transplantation 
Solid Rain® is applied effectively in holes for plants, bushes and trees. It drastically reduces the mortality rate due to transplanting shock and promotes root development and thus provides faster growth and production.

● Mixed with soil, fertilizers and fertilizers 
Mixed in a substrate, Solid Rain® helps reduce water stress. It ensures that cuttings and transplanted plants take root better and seedlings grow faster. Irrigation frequencies are generally reduced by more than 50%, which also reduces labor costs and the amount of water mixed with compound fertilizers, Solid Rain® is able to absorb and maintain nutrients, then release them gradually, reducing leaching of nutrients into the soil and increasing yield while protecting the environment from leaching. With a traditional system that takes 80 liters of water a week. With the use of Solid Rain®, you need 50 liters every 3 months!

● Commercial
Companies that have a lot of green space under management can start thinking about how they will invest the money they save by reducing their irrigation cycles to twice a month.

● Residential
It is now easier for us to go home on a beautiful lawn without the constant chore of watering or to go on holiday with the ZEN spirit - no more key to the neighbors!

● Forest fires
Solid Rain® provides enough moisture on the ground to "control" fire, it's a solid water band that limits the progression of flames.

● Solid Rain® ice 
To use Solid Rain® as a freezing agent, simply moisturize it and freeze it for 2/3 hours.
Advantages are:
● Frozen longer than normal ice. 
●does not generate water during thawing. 
● does not absorb odors, colors or non-liquid substances. 
● 100% washable; 100% reusable. 
● Solid Rain® saves 99% of water.

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