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Benefits of Solid Rain®


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No more chores of watering | Go on holiday the ZEN spirit

pluie solide


Storage of rainwater in solid form to be used directly at the root level without having to wait for the rainy season to start a plantation. Low irrigation frequencies to save indirect costs such as electricity, maintenance of equipment and accessories, as well as skilled labor.

Solid Rain® 

  • Increases productivity.
  • Reduces irrigation cycles and amounts of water used.
  • Allows cultivation of the soil under extreme climate and soil conditions.
  • Allows for better plant growth in low rainfall areas.
  • Transport in bags, facilitating access to isolated areas without pipes or electricity.
  • Increased soil water reserves for a large number of years.
  • Provides plants with a supplement to regulate humidity
  • Improved ventilation of compacted soils.
  • Reduces the percolation of nutrients in the soil by at least a third.
  • Saves up to 50% of fertilizer use.
  • Protects the environment from drought, erosion, desertification and groundwater pollution.



Solid Rain® absorbs 300 times its weight in water, stores it and restores it according to the needs of the plants.

The irrigation frequency can be reduced from 50% to 90%.



Solid Rain® acts like a sponge in the soil and improves the physical properties of compact soils thanks to good ventilation.

Solid Rain® prevents cracking and breakage of the soil and desertification.

Protects the environment from drought and groundwater pollution.



Nutrients and fertilizers are needed, but they degrade in the soil and are lost with irrigation. With Solid Rain®, they remain available at the roots of the plant. The more the top layer of the soil is less absorbent, the more chemicals are needed, thus depleting our soil and polluting our groundwater.



La Solid Rain® improves plant growth because water and nutrients are permanently available in the root zone for optimal uptake by plants, thus providing the basis for a more productive crop. However, it is also possible to have more crops thanks to theSolid Rain®. Once you get the productivity you want with the first crop, you can pick up and start with a second crop as soon as the field is ready thus maximizing the overall yield. Solid Rain® is therefore a booster of Return on investment / ha.

Example for freshly planted trees:

  • water needed withoutSolid Rain® : 4.800 liters / tree in 10 months
  • water needed withSolid Rain® : 800 trees in 10 months, or 6 times less water..

The storage of irrigation water at the root level of the tree withSolid Rain® saves 4,000 liters of water per tree. Also increases the probability of rooting of the tree which, thanks to Solid Rain®, does not experience water stress during the first 10 months after planting.Solid Rain® significantly reduces the mortality rate of transplanted species.

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