Ecology with dividends: Paulownia Security Token Offering for Consciencious Investors.

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Solid Rain® helps solve the current serious water problems

• The problem of overcrowding

The world population is increasing. Every day there are 353,015 births worldwide, or 128.85 million a year. Concentrated in the cities, generating with her problems of various nature, including that of food, that of water. By 2050, the population will exceed 9,000 million people. The biggest growth will take place in Africa and India. Africa has tripled its population since 1960 and in 2050 Africa will triple the European population. During the same period, Asia and South America doubled their populations.

• The problem of food

The world needs food, and it needs it now. 20% of the population is undernourished, daily 800 million people do not eat enough. Among them, children are the most vulnerable.


To produce 1 kilo of cereals whatever the cereal it takes a ton of water!
To produce 1 kilo of chicken it takes 4 kilos of cereals so 4000 liters of water
For 1 kilo of pork it takes 6000 liters of water. For 1 kilo of beef + 12000 liters of water!

• The soil problem

The quality and quantity of available soil is gradually deteriorating, putting at risk the amount of surface needed to grow the cereals humanity needs for food.

The results of the FAO summit are extremely disappointing. The analysis of the situation is very clear. If we do not use ALL the technological means at our disposal, to increase the volume of world agricultural production, then we are heading towards a major disaster.

• The problem of water

The situation is such that today, 1,000 million people do not have access to drinking water. Needs in the coming decades will increase with increasing population, growth and development of countries. By 2025, water availability per person will decrease by 33%. Entire areas of the world will have shortages for their basic needs and for the development of their economy. World demand for water doubles every 21 years. By 2020 the need for fresh water could be twice as high as available resources. By 2025, 1.8 billion people will face acute water scarcity. The management of water resources is certainly the major concern of this 3rd millennium.

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