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Solid Rain® or Lluvia Solida® or Pluie Solide® or Silos de Agua® are our brands for the same product : Premium Hydro Retainer.

Solid Rain®, is a polymer made with super absorbent polymers acrylate. It has a water absorbing capacity of 300 times its weight being able to keep humidity and nutrients in the soil for up to 12 months depending on the quality of the water and the type of substrate.

● After that period of time, the acrylate returns to its original essence so they can be refilled with new water from irrigation or rain without alteration of their molecular structure.

Solid Rain® has an active absorption capacity up to 5 years maximum retaining and delivering water to the plant so it can have its water needs covered without any stress hence accelerating its growth & increasing the yield while saving water, nutrients and workforce and energy related costs.


100% Potassium Polyacrylat

The polymer consists of a set of polymeric chains that are parallel to each other and regularly linked to each other by cross-linking agents, thus forming a network. When water comes into contact with one of these chains, it is drawn into the molecule by osmosis. Water rapidly migrates into the interior of the polymer network where it is stored. As the soil dries out, the polymer releases up to 95% of the absorbed water into the soil

Alternative Products 

There are other polymer-based alternatives in the market that also retain water. The differences with Solid Rain® are the following 

Potassium based  Lifetime :   
5/10 years in extremely salty soils,
lifetime is reduced to 5 years 
Retention :   
up to 300  times its weight
Others super Absorbent Polymers  acrylamide of potassium, aluminium adjunction Lifetime :   
1/3 years 
Retention :
up to 200 times its weight 
Others super Absorbent Polymers Sodium based  Lifetime :
2/3 years 
Retention :
up to 200 times its weight 

Once hydrated, Sodium based products mutate into a paste that once mixed with soil ends asphyxiating the plant as they do not allow oxygen to reach the roots.

Potassium based products do not have this problem.

● Based on the soil type, the choice of particle size is an important factor to consider.

● In general, the finer the particle size of the polymer, the greater its capacity and speed of absorption and vice-versa

Very fine products:
Because of their volatility, wearing a dust mask is recommended. If the product is hydrated before use, slowly pour the product into water. Stirring lightly will prevent the fine particles from clumping.

Additional information:
The higher the water temperature, the faster the absorption of water by Solid Rain®.All the products in the Solid Rain® line have a high absorption capacity. If the product gets spilled, be sure not to rinse it with water. The ground can become extremely slippery. Shovel or vacuum it up. To clean equipment, blow off the powder traces with compressed air. Avoid contact with eyes and skin (use of gloves and goggles is recommended.)

Environmental Information 


The polymer is sensitive to the action of ultraviolet rays that, by breaking bonds, degrade the polymer into oligomers (molecules of much smaller size). It thus becomes much more sensitive to the aerobic and anaerobic processes of microbiological degradation. Solid Rain®, therefore degrades naturally in soils (up to 10% - 15% per year) in CO2, H20 and nitrogen compounds


The polymer is much too voluminous to be absorbed into the tissues and cells of plants. Potential for bioaccumulation is therefore zero. (SCPA study n° 97-78). In field ranges, period of the effectiveness of Solid Rain®, is up to 7 years, depending on particle size and agro-climatic conditions.

Safety Information

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